Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday Of The Cheat Day Diet...Low Carbs Plus Low Sleep=Low Energy

So I have to say that today my energy felt way of.  Im not sure if it was the low carb consumption or if it was the lack of sleep over the past couple of days but the midnight cardio tonight was a real struggle.  Im pretty sure that the minor surgery that I had yesterday did not help either.  So anyway, here we are at 1:00am gotta be up at 7:00am, like I said if I can do this so can you.

Meal 1: 5 Egg whites with Swiss cheese and green Tabasco.
               One cup of oatmeal

Meal 2: 5 Boiled egg whites
               Large serving of broccoli, and green beans
               One cup of decaf tea

2:30pm Stout baby!!!!!
Meal 3: Arugula salad with Avocado, roasted tomatoes, shaved parmesan cheese and olive oil and lemmon
             One quinoa patty.

Meal 4: One Fage non-fat greek Yogurt mixed with natural peanut butter.

Meal 5: One Muscle Milk low carb light chocolate shake.

Im just about to call it a night.  I will have my current pictures up by the end of this week and I will also start
chronicling my weight as the diet progresses.  Going to make sure I remember my multivitamin tomorrow maybe that will help a little with my energy.  If any of you guys have any advice Id love to hear it.  On a good note, the cheat day is still working as far as my cravings go.  I can honestly say I have no real desire to eat anything that is outside of my diet so thats a great sign.  Tomorrow the quest to be my best continues..........

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