Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday the 6th of The Quest To Be My Best

Back to Long Beach and the craziness that is my life.  Working on my projects and trying to get three restaurants opened in the next six months is proving more difficult that I anticipated.  Its been an incredible amount of running around spending hours a day on the California freeways.  On a good note it looks like we may have another person interested in licensing our Stout Burgers and Beers Concept.  There has been quite a few headaches involving our Mexican Cantina project with the latest problem being the discovery that virtually the entire plumbing system will have to be replaced.  Anyway back to the diet and the Quest To Be My Best.....

Meal 1: 5 egg whites with Swiss cheese and salsa.
            One cup of oatmeal.
            One cup of decaf tea.

Meal 2: Large Greek salad, olives, cucmbers, feta cheese, olive oil and lemmon dressing.
            Chicken breast.

Meal 3: Muscle Milk light chocolate shake.
             Handful of almonds.

Meal 4: 5 Boiled Eggs
             Side of spinach, and side of green beans

Meal 5: 5 scrambled egg whites with mushrooms and onions
            Steamed vegetable mix

So wrapping today up, got in my 45 minutes of cardio and drank my gallon of water.  Felt a little bit better than yesterday as far as my energy was concerned.  Took a 45 minute nap during the day and it seemed to really help, I wish I could do that everyday.  This makes me think again how important it is to get the appropriate amount of rest, but as far as my schedule goes thats unlikely for at least the next six months.  Started my twitter account so that i could tweet my low carb meals as I progress throughout the day.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday, cant wait for the weekend and my next cheat meal.  Have a great night see you guys in the am.......

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