Monday, November 28, 2011

Back from Thanksgiving...Back on the Low Carbs....Double Cheat Day

Back to Los Angeles after a trip to Central Florida.  I have to be honest my cheat day ran into a double Cheat Day as I had to have leftovers on Friday however on a positive note I managed to get to the gym twice over the holiday weekend.  My weight today was down to the lowest I can remember,  it made me think that once a month I may take the entire weekend to consume high carbs and keep my metabolism in high gear.  I got right back on track today consuming salads, fresh vegetables, fresh vegetable juice and some organic chicken.  Finished the night with my Starbucks decaf latte and a handful of almonds.  Also just wanted to say hello to my new readers in Bejing, glad to have you onboard.  Have a wonderful night.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still On The Low Carb Train But Missed My Cheat Day

So here I am back to the blog.  Ive been doing a pretty good job on the diet, eating very very low carbs with the majority of my food intake coming from raw vegetable and non processed proteins.  Ive been so busy with Stout Burgers and Beers that I actually missed my last cheat day.  I spent the whole day running around trying to take care of business, next thing I know its 8pm and all Ive eaten is some brown rice, juiced vegetables and a couple of chicken patties. 
Ill make sure to get back on my daily postings and let you guys know how the diet is proceeding.  Have a great night.