Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday the 3rd.....Back to Reality and Back to Low Carbs

Not sure about you guys but today was back to work for me which means there is barely even time to think about eating let along jam my face with unprocessed low carb fare.  Im doing a couple of projects in Long Beach which is about a 45 minute drive from Los Angeles or 1 1/2 hours depending on just how painful the traffic happens to be on any given LA day.  These meals are all quick fix the longest was lunch at Wokano and even with that I was in and out in under 30 minutes.

Meal 1:  Muscle Milk protein shake Light chocolate.
              Kind Bar, pick these up at Starbucks, they are pretty delicious and fairly low in carbs and calories.

Meal 2:  Had about 20 minutes to grab lunch so I ran into Wokano, Great Sushi place, popping up in
             a couple locations around southern California.  Tossed back a miso soup and a sashimi salad.  The
             salad was very fresh, with seaweed and an assortment of fresh raw fish, with a little soy dressing.

Meal 3:  Ran back up to Los Angeles for another meeting regarding a bar/lounge in LA.  Stopped by my
             burger joint called Stout Burgers and Beers.  You will be hearing a lot about it on here.  Not just
             because Im one of the owners but also because Ive made a low carb burger plate there that fits
             perfectly into the diet.  Its a bed of arugula, which I top with a quinoa patty, avocado, and tomato.
             Its a pretty balanced meal with the nutrition from the arugula and the quinoa.  Quinoa is a very
             nutrient dense food which tastes incredible when prepared properly.

Meal 4: Im going to let you guys into another little snack secret of mine.  It tastes amazing and has high
             protein and low carbs.  I take a small container of Fave nonfat Greek Yogurt and mix it with a
             tablespoon of natural, no sugar added peanut butter.  Im going to start to include the nutritional
             info on these meals at least the more popular ones.  This is a great meal because of the high
             protein, low carb content.  I also like it because it is a good source of calcium and healthy fats.

10:00pm Gym Time: Of to the gym now.  Im going to train chest and biceps, same format as usual for me
             high intensity medium weight, main key for me now is to keep my heartrate up the whole time
             because i dont have the time to do cardio as well as weights.  Be back around 11:30 or so then
             Ill post my last meal and wrap up my day.

Meal 5:  Just got back from the gym and scrambled up 6 egg whites with one yellow, mushrooms and onions,
              and topped it of with green tabasco, my personal favorite.

So today was a really good start to the week.  I think yesterdays cheat day gave me tons of energy and stored plenty of carbs for me to start burning.  I drank my full gallon of water with another couple bottles at the gym.  Still trying to figure out my sleeping schedule its the only thing that I cant really figure out due to how hectic my schedule is.  Birthday tomorrow and biopsy surgery on a mole :/ gonna be an interesting day thats for sure, also supposed to be getting lease on my new Stout in Long Beach, Ill keep you updated.

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