Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday the 1st, the low carb quest continues........

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!!

So after last night and the craziness I had to sleep in.  First meal was not till late and only managed to get three meals in because of this. I was also  a little hungover or a little tired or possibly a little of both.  On a good note I got to the gym again for my cardio.  It was definitely a struggle but still managed to pound out 45 grueling minutes.

Meal 1:  3 Egg white omelette  with mushrooms and swiss cheese
              One cup of decaf tea
              One cup of oatmeal

5:30 pm
Meal 2:  Larger green salad with balsamic vinaigrette
              One grilled chicken breast
              One decaf coffee

9:30 pm
Meal 3:  Crab and avocado salad
              6oz Filet Mignon
              Side of Steamed Spinach

Finished up my gallon of water and got to the gym.  Ready for my cheat day tomorrow when i will get to eat all the carbs I can consume.  Leaving for LA in the morning, been a great time in Vegas but I have to get back to work and back to normalcy.  This was a pretty good diet for the three days i was there, not perfect but at least shows the flexibility of this diet when you can eat in compliance with the diet while dining out for every meal.  Will post pics of myself by the end of this week, its my birthday on Tuesday, 35, the whole motivation behind the diet and the get fit plan.....  

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