Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunday the 2nd....The First Cheat Day of The Cheat Day Diet.......No Low Carbs Here!

Woke up this morning and started putting everything together for my trip back to Los Angeles.  It was about 8am but since there was so many things that I wanted to eat I decided to start immediately.  I looked over at the minibar and the accompanying junk on the top of it and the first thing that caught my attention was........Chocolate Chip Cookies

Meal 1: Chocolate chip cookies, not sure what the brand was but there was 4 servings of 2 cookies each in
             the  bag, needless to say within about 20 minutes there was nothing left but a few crumbs, too small
             for me to get a good hold of.  I washed this down with an Izzy drink, this is a carbonated drink that is
             half fruit juice, half water, and one hundred percent delicious.

Meal 2: Had about 30 minutes until i got on the plane and saw a Mexican Place called Burrito 360.  It was
             one of those places where you pick your vessel ie a burrito, a bowl, or a salad. Then you pick your
             meat, then you pick your flavors.  I opted for a burrito with chicken, spanish rice, guacamole, sour
             cream, shredded cheese and salsa, absolutely mouth wateringly good!!!!!!!

Meal 3: Got of the plane and passed out for about two hours.  When I woke up I walked through to the
             kitchen and started looking at things that I wanted to eat but had resisted.  The first thing that caught
             my eyes was rum and raisin ice cream....mmmmmmmmmm..... so good ater the whole mini tub from
             Haagen Dazs i felt pretty sick and lay on the sofa to catch up some emails and other business related

Meal 4: Starting to feel some hunger pains I picked up the delivery menu from Jerry's Deli.  Not sure how
             familiar you guys are with this restaurant or the menu but suffice to say its HUGE, like 10 pages
             of complete yumminess.  I finally decided on an order of pancakes (had been craving them all week)
             followed by an NYC White Pizza ( no tomato sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella cheese)  it was
             everything I hoped it would be.

Meal 5: Finally about 9 I started to feel a little hungry again so I jumped in the car and visited the local
             Starbucks, pretty easy with two now on every street.  I got a cinnamon scone and a grande chai

This was my first recorded Cheat Day of The Cheat Day Diet.  Im pretty happy about how it worked out.  i felt like I ate more or less everything I had been craving all week.  The theory here is that I will have no desire
to eat anything else other than my typical low carb high protein fare for the next six days.  Stay tuned, tomorrow ill let you know if the cravings are gone, as of right now I feel totally satisfied and pretty full.

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