Monday, December 5, 2011

Low Carbs with a Twist...Getting ready for my NYC trip and an extended Cheat Day

So the diet continues to move along well.  I have two new recruits following the diet who approached me on Saturday wondering what type of diet I was on and asking if I could help them out.  I told both of them to consume everything that they wanted on Sunday and get ready for a system shock the rest of the week.  Both of the guys did a great job following the diet today and were enthusiastic at the gym this evening.  I will keep you updated as to their progress and hopefully get testimonials from them as they start to see results.  I will also publish the diets that I gave them as people have been asking me on a regular basis for a list of foods that they should eat.  Today has been a great day so far energy levels are high and the workouts continue to be productive.  Looks like I will be stuck in the office all night trying to get ready for my trip to NYC time for a decaf nonfat latte reward from Starbucks....Talk to you guys soon.

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