Monday, November 28, 2011

Back from Thanksgiving...Back on the Low Carbs....Double Cheat Day

Back to Los Angeles after a trip to Central Florida.  I have to be honest my cheat day ran into a double Cheat Day as I had to have leftovers on Friday however on a positive note I managed to get to the gym twice over the holiday weekend.  My weight today was down to the lowest I can remember,  it made me think that once a month I may take the entire weekend to consume high carbs and keep my metabolism in high gear.  I got right back on track today consuming salads, fresh vegetables, fresh vegetable juice and some organic chicken.  Finished the night with my Starbucks decaf latte and a handful of almonds.  Also just wanted to say hello to my new readers in Bejing, glad to have you onboard.  Have a wonderful night.

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