Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Options for The Cheat Day Diet when stuck in Beverly Hills for the day.

So today I was in Beverly Hills for a large part of the day.  I had lunch with a friend, a client meeting, and finally coffee with a potential investor.  With that being said here is how I stuck to my Low Carb Diet while walking the streets of Beverly Hills.

I found myself first at Il Pastaio.  This is a comfortable venue on the corner of Canon and Brighton Way.  there is not a huge amount of seating inside but they have provided additional seating on two substantial patio areas.  We managed to get a seat without waiting and sat down at a well appointed all be it shaky table.  I ordered the Lenticchie salad which was a delicious blend of arugula, lentils, and shrimp with a wonderful lemon, olive oil dressing.  This was a perfect meal for the diet, substantial enough to leave me satisfied and very very tasty.  the net carbs on this meal are extremely low with a fair amount of protein.

I left Il Pastaio and wandered around Beverly Hills as I had 30 minutes until my client meeting.  The whole area never ceases to amaze and interest me, it might be the greatest people watching in the entire world.  I finished my client meeting and walked over to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  I have to say that this particular Coffee Bean in Beverly Hills is absolutely beautiful with an amazing outdoor area and ample seating.  I ordered my typical decaf latte and sat and discussed Stout Burgers and Beers with a potential investor for the better part of an hour.  I'm still not sure If I have a preference between Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Starbucks strictly from a beverage perspective but I do prefer the food and snack options at Starbucks.  Next time you find yourself in Beverly Hills in need of a low carb option I would highly recommend Il Pastaio.  Okay well back to work so I can finish up and get some sleep.  I have to get back to the gym tomorrow in the am.  Have a wonderful night everyone and good luck tomorrow on your Cheat Day Diet.

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