Monday, December 12, 2011

On Virgin America Half Way back from NYC and Two Cheat Days

Im currently on the flight back from NYC and indulging in whatever menu choices Virgin America has to offer.  So far Ive eaten a "hearty" pack which included crackers, cheese, salami, some type of biscotti, and fruit snacks.  then just for good measure some type of egg salad wrap which was actually really really good.  It was a great trip, two days of glorious eating including meals at Eataly, The Darby, Dean and Delucca, and Abe and Arthurs.  Made a couple of Starbucks trips and had a peppermint holiday coffee drink instead of my typical low carb beverage.  We met with two investment groups regarding Stout Burgers and Beers and even managed to meet with a TV executive for a reality Pitch meeting.  NYC was an amazing place that Ill be sure to visit again hopefully very soon.  Okay, time for more Virgin America entertainment....Talk to you soon.

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