Monday, February 27, 2012

How Does your Diet Effect Your Largest Organ..... Your Skin?

I was given a very nice compliment today when someone told me that my skin was "beautiful." And what did I do to take care of it? Okay so its not the biggest compliment a guy can get but what the hell ill take it. I looked online to see what tips people had for clear skin and it seemd that the following advice was fairly universal. Follow a "clean" diet as in limit your fried food choices, and limit over processed foods. I also read that consumption of water is very important with most sites recommending at least eight glasses of water a day. There was also multiple references to vitamins and the consumption of vitamin rich foods, with a particular focus on vtamin C and the B vitamins. And, of course almost every article that I read suggested that you get enough sleep (this Im not doign a good job at).
So with the exception of the sleep I realized that The Cheat Day Diet is almost perfectly suited to following the advice provided in the articles. Check out this link which I thought did a good job of summarizing the information.

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