Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Artice On Dieting and Why Diets Fail Found on the Vitamix Site

Im constantly talking to people who have 101 excuses for why their diets fail. The excuses are varied and include everything from "I dont have the time," to "I dont have the money." I started to browse the internet to find articles on why diets fail and I found what I thought was a really good article on the Vitamix web site. Im not sure if your familiar with the Vitamix but its an incredible appliance that acts almost like a juicer/blender allowing you to make incredible smoothys and vegetable juices in the comfort of your own home. I just bought one of these for someone as a present and I think it has literally changed their lives. Everytime I speak with this individual he is blending meals, smoothies, juice even ice cream. Ive personally used it a number of times to blend fresh vegetables and make not only incredible vegetable juices but even fresh soups. So take a look at this article and read up on The Vitamix I think it is an invaluable component to any diet plan.

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