Monday, February 20, 2012

The Cheat Day Diet Snacks on the Go!

Whether you find yourself at an AM PM mini-market, a Starbucks or a Subway here is some safe and easy ideas to keep your diet on track.
For the past year my business has required quite a good deal of travel forcing me to find reasonable food options while on the road and in the airport. As I've mentioned multiple times before Starbucks always works for me to grab a quick bite, a decaf drip or a decaf non fat latte and a package of almonds is a great snack that keeps me going and doesn't compromise my diet. If I find myself at an AM-PM or 7-Eleven I'll usually go for a Muscle Milk Light or similar low carb protein and again look for almonds or even peanuts just be careful with the nuts to check the sodium as it can be a big bad surprise. There are also some fairly good protein bars around now I'm partial to the Power Crunch or if I'm in a bind the Pure Protein bars. Recently I've found myself at Subway on a regular basis, they make great made to order salads which you can specify spinach instead of lettuce for a nutritionally packed salad. I usually order the grilled chicken breast and add avocado for taste. The other life savor for me has been Whole Foods. Their rapid expansion incredible salad bars and customizable vegetable juice bars have made them one of my daily staples. Oh and of course I can't leave out Stout Burgers and Beers, go skinny style and double up the quinoa patty for a high protein, high fiber power packed meal....

Hope this gives you guys some ideas for your next road trip or flight to unfamiliar territory. Happy dieting :)

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