Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cypress In Walnut Creek followed by Ginger and Anisette Tea

We decided to take a trip up to San Francisco for the weekend. I have to say first of all it was the worst traffic I have ever seen in Los Angeles. It took us about 9 hours and three Decaf Non Fat Latte's from Starbucks to get there. When we finally arrived it was the middle of the night so I ate a Power Crunch low carb protein bar and called it a night. Today I managed to make it to the gym and and followed my diet perfectly eating fresh vegetables, and chicken more of less the entire day.

For dinner we decided to try out Cypress in Walnut Creek. I have to say that it was very simplistic in design. Clean lines and intelligently placed lighting and fixtures provided a visually pleasing aesthetic. The waiter was very friendly, not overbearing but always seemed to be there when we needed him. Another note was that the support staff bussers etc were very on point, our glasses were never less than half full.

I noticed almost immediately that there appeared to be a reasonable amount of options for my low carb diet, and there also seemed to be some relatively healthy options especially on the waves (fish) side of the menu.

I started with the Bibb Salad, it was fresh, well plated generous size and the champagne vinaigrette was delicious. For my entree I opted for the filet mignon and asked the waiter if I could replace my mashed potato's with extra green beans. He graciously agreed stating that it would be no problem (always a good sign).

The fillet made it to the table with our other entrees in a reasonable time and I have to say that the plating was absolutely beautiful. There was a substantial amount of vegetables on the plate including green beans and onion bulbs. Im not sure what it was about the steak but it was a little underwhelming. It definitely was not bad, just not a steak that I would ever crave or talk about the following day. Everyone else in my party chose some type of fish or scallops and the general consensus was that their meals really quite good. On another note there was a piano player and the ambiance of the venue was lively without being overbearing.

I got home and had hot tea made from ginger and anisette....try it...all I can say is AMAZING!
Okay well tomorrow will be gluttonous Ill make sure to take pictures to prove it. Have a wonderful night, see you guys tomorrow

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