Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back and Better than Before on The Cheat Day Diet

So I hope everyone has been doing wonderful and sticking to their diets during my absence. Ive been crazy trying to wrap up one of my reality tv projects, start two more and open the other Stout Burgers and Beers locations. Im happy to report that in spite of the current madness I have been ever so diligent in my diet and I have managed to drop about a pound since my last entry. I know that doesnt sound like a huge deal but the wonderful thing about this diet is there realy is no yo-yo ing at all. Im either losing weight or Im maintaining but its definitely continuing to bring positive results.

I have also found some other low carb friendly options which Im going to share with you now. So first I took a trip to Peet's Coffee. Im happy to say that they had multiple options including a great low card mixed nut selection and for those of you not as concerned with carbs but instead searching for quality carb options a great steel cut oatmeal product. I also want to add Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood to my list of restaurants with great low carb and diet options. Ive eaten at Coral Tree almost every day for the past week, their salads are amazing, their product is very fresh and they always have a number of delicious soups on the menu. I've also found myself eating more sushi lately the edamame, ssashimi salads and variety of cooked vegetables makes for multiple options.

I also happy to report I'm back in San Francisco for the weekend so expect some yummy entries in my future. Goodnight and happy dieting everyone.

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