Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Starbucks vs Coffee Bean for The Cheat Day Diet...Low Carbs with a twist.

Okay so first of all I woke up this morning and saw that my blog had been viewed 13 times since yesterday.  So whoever my readers are, thanks for following my rambling at The Cheat Day Diet its very encouraging. 

Had to take a road trip to San Diego this morning and I had to make a decision between Coffee Bean and Starbucks.  This particular blog is concerning the food options as my coffee decision is going to have the same nutritional value at either location.  I went to Coffee Bean first to peruse their low car options.  first thing I noticed was a lack of Kind Bars.  They are one of my favorite snacks, no more than one a day and always first thing in the morning.  The almond variety are relatively low in carbs the majority of the bar consists of almonds and other nuts.  They had a couple of bars called Pure Organic which was a nutritionally sound product but had between 26 and 30 grams of carbs, too many for my low carb  diet.  They also had Knudsen cottage cheese and Greek yogurt prepackaged with sides of fruit.  I suppose in a bind I would but one of these and not eat the fruit sides.   The final item I examined was the Coffee Bean trail mix which I was shocked to see had 50 grams of carbs per serving, simply not an option.

My next stop was Starbucks.  They had the same cottage cheese and yogurt options and to my delight they had a variety of Kind Bars two of which were fairly low in carbs.  Starbucks also had single serving packages of roasted almonds which are a perfect snack for the carb conscious among us. Based on the almonds and the Kind Bars I would have to give the edge to Starbucks although this little comparison made me realize that both establishments could offer another low carb option or three.

Well back to my crazy day scouting for a project in San Diego.  Once again thanks to my readers whoever they might be!

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