Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Cheat Day Diet in Full Effect.....Starting to Notice Results

I finished up another week on The Cheat Day Diet and I can honestly say its starting to show.  I probably heard on three or more occasions this weekend that I looked like I had lost weight.  I was also at a birthday party and happy to see that I definitely looked thinner in the pictures.  Im sure that the addition of extra vegetables specifically all of the juicing is having a really positive effect.  Had a fun day today and squeezed in some very enjoyable meals.  I had chicken tacos which were amazing, and went to Jamba Juice and got one of their delicious smoothies.  I also went to Starbucks and had one of their egg white and turkey bacon muffins.  I have to say that it was amazing, not something that I would eat during the week because of the carbs but still a healthy quick option.  Well back to work, finishing up a lease for Stout Burgers and Beers!!!!  Part III coming soon.

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