Saturday, June 1, 2013

Does cardio on an empty stomach increase weight loss?

So summer is upon us and a question I always get from people looking to drop some quick weight is when should I do cardio? And should I do it on an empty stomach?  I have always wondered what the true benefit to cardio on an empty stomach is and also would following a low carb diet change in any way the effects.
I know from personal experience that I get quicker results when I run to the treadmill first thing in the am and get my cardio on.  The thing that confuses me is I have quite a few friends some of which are in incredible shape that tell me it doesn't make a difference and that they actually prefer cardio in the middle of the day as they feel their energy levels are higher.
I found this article which I thought was very well thought out and had some science behind it (just enough for me to understand).  Essentially it says that while you may burn more fat during exercise if you do it in a fasted condition (empty stomach) you may actually burn less fat the rest of the day than had you done cardio with 0.8g/kg of glucose or fructose consumed 1 hour prior to the exercise.  Cardio on an empty stomach
I also found this very interesting thread on which is a site that I really like to cruise through as the threads are usually well written and responded to in a meaningful and often helpful manner.  Empty Stomach Cardio?
I think the key here is to try it out both ways and see what works best for you.  If your keeping your diet in check, and throwing in some cardio I don't think you can do wrong whether your doing it at 7am or 12 midnight. Let me know your thoughts and what your reaction has been.  Thanks for reading and happy dieting!

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