Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Back to Posting on The Cheat Day Diet

So as much as I haven't been posting lately I have continued the diet and maintained what I consider to be a pretty healthy weight.  I was 198.6 pounds tonight which is about 2 pounds more than I weighed this time last year.  I would like to think that the 2 pounds is muscle and that I have actually lost body fat by following The Cheat Day Diet for the last year.

I have been keeping an eye on people who are following some form of The Cheat Day Diet and it seems that every other day there is another celebrity or successful dieter extolling the virtues of a modified low carb diet.  In the last year I have found some great new restaurants that have wonderful low carb options, opened a Stout Burgers or two and recently finished a Scottish pub named Morrison.

Ill be sure to fill you guys in on all the new happenings and also find more links and articles referencing The Cheat Day Diet.  In the interim take a look at this new one from Jennifer Aniston about how she maintains that killer body.  Jennifer Aniston Diet

Have a great night and happy dieting!

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