Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Morning Starbucks Trip Perusing Their Low Carb Options

I ducked into Starbucks this am to check out what they had to offer as compared to Coffee Bean yesterday for us Low Carb Lovers. Obviously Starbucks offers all of the same coffee options with sugar free and skinny options readily available.  You can jump online and see exactly what the definition of "skinny" is in Starbucks lingo I found this NY Times article that did a pretty good job of breaking down what you are ordering.
They offer a similar selection of Yogurts and such and you can always revert back to almonds when your at a complete loss.  What I found most interesting at Starbucks however were The Bistro Boxes.  It looks like they come in 3 different types, Protein, Chicken and Hummus, and Cheese and Fruit.  I have to say that they all looked quite delicious and very fresh.  I opted for The Chicken and Hummus and it was really quite good.  The only  part of it I didn't eat was the wheat pita but I was actually satisfied with the chicken, hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Its not really a meal substitute but hits the spot if your in a rush and need something to carry you over for an hour or two. 
On another note the Starbucks I was in this am was one of the newer expanded models and it was beautiful.  Well hope everyone has a wonderful day, and happy dieting!

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