Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stout Burgers and Beers Skinny Style and Branch Chain Amino Acid Supplimentation.

Spent the whole day running around working on the Santa Monica Stout location.  Im starting to get excited about the prospect of getting Skinny Style Stout at three different locations.  People always say to me, Is it hard owning restaurants and staying on a diet?  I actually feel owning restaurants gives me a real dieting advantage as I can walk into them and get creative with the chefs (within reason), so having 3 different cities covered, Hollywood, Studio City, and Santa Monica I truly have no excuse for slacking.  With that being said the ever present threat of bread pudding does present a clear and present danger but I have been able to resist its allure at least for the most part.

I just added Branch Chain Amino Acids to my diet on the advice of a friend who told me it will help with my energy levels especially during the low carb week days.  I feel like not only did it add to my energy levels but it also seems to be assisting in my recovery process and helping to keep my strength up during the week.  I did some research online and it seems that BCAA's are one of the few supplements that everyone can agree on as invaluable to the growth and maintenance of lean tissue. BCAA's   One of these days I am going to make good on my threats of taking some pics of myself so I can see how things are progressing.  In the meantime, happy dieting drink plenty of water and don't forget your early morning cardio!

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