Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Greek Yogurt Cardio on an Empty Stomach and Arrhythmia's

I know the title of this post is a little bizarre but it will all make sense, its basically just what I feel like talking about tonight.  I started the day again with cardio on an empty stomach.  It definitely takes a little while to get going on the treadmill when your on low carbs. I took some L-Carnitine which I have been doing a lot of research on and seems to be a very beneficial supplement I feel like it gives me a little energy. L-Carnitine Info.
The morning coffee helps but every time I drink it I feel like it make my arrhythmia more pronounced.  (FYI in case I didn't mention it on prior posts I have a heart arrhythmia that they detected about two years ago, that's the reason I don't take any of the strong fat burners and usually limit my coffee intake to decaffeinated.
So after my morning cardio I have started to mix Greek Yogurt with almond butter and chocolate protein powder.  Make sure you get the no sugar added type yogurt there is a lot of honey and fruit flavored varieties.  I like the Fage non-fat brand.  It tastes great and is the lowest in sugar that I have found so far.
Im still working on opening up Stout Burgers and Beers in Santa Monica.  It has taken almost 2 years to finish but it is finally coming to an end.  Then I will have three locations to get Stout Skinny Style Low carb salads ;)
Oh and on a final note my partner bought me one of those Verismo Starbuck machines.  I bought a ton of the decaf pods and the milk pods.  Its really pretty amazing the latte's out of it taste almost as good as from the store bought. 
Okay everyone happy dieting go get some Fage and try it with Almond butter and chocolate protein powder!

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