Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday the 30th of The Cheat Day Diet

So Im posting this on Friday theThur 31st, Happy New Years to everyone.

Sorry I didnt get to write yesterday, but i ended up flying to Las Vegas to usher in 2011 and  by the time I got into my room and settled it was 3am. Another crazy day of running around to various different businesses and taking care of things at the Law Office resulted in a less than perfect diet day but again I want to post this so people can understand that no matter how busy you are you can eat to lost fat and get healthy.

Meal 1: 5 boiled egg whites
             One cup of oatmeal
             One cup of decaf tea

12:30 pm
Meal 2:  Muscle Milk Pre Made protein shake

4:00 pm
Meal 3:  Large arugula salad with oil and lemmon
             Quinoa patty 5 ounces
             handful of almonds

8:00 pm went to eat at Comme Ca in Vegas.  Tried to just stick with the theory here of low carbs and items that i thought would be high in protein.
Meal 4:  Roasted chestnut soup
             Grilled cod with navy beans
             Small piece of wagyu steak

11:00 pm 2 Grey Goose and soda water.  Ok so i get it.  This isnt really part of a diet but its part of life and since im trying to see what kind of shape  I can get it with a crazy schedule I know that there are nights were this is going to happen.  I dont think its necessarily a bad thing, keep it in moderation.

Got back to hotel room and finished my gallon of water for the day.

So Thursday the 30th again wasnt a perfect day from my diets perspective but I like that it is representative of  the crazy schedule that we all put ourselves through.  It also helps me at dinners and other social functions when i know that I have my cheat day coming up.  I dont really feel like Im missing out on too much just controlling when it is that I eat all the things I want to eat.


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