Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tuesday of The Cheat Day Diet (Low Carb Day 1)

So I wanted to start documenting a day by day account of The Cheat Day Diet.  Tuesday the 28th I woke up at approximately 10am on account of the fact that I did not go to sleep until 4am.  Sleep is definitely a huge factor to maintaining any diet and workout regiment, so Im trying to get 6 hours a night even though with my schedule some nights I know thats not going to happen.  The food that I consumed again consisted of low carb fare, with an emphasis on unrefined minimally processed foods.

Meal 1:  5 egg whites and one yellow cooked with mushrooms, and onions.
             One cup of tea with skim milk

Approximately 2 1/2 hours later          
Meal 2:  5 Ounces of chicken breast, grilled with onions and bell peppers.
              Bowl of lentil soup (recipe will be forthcoming)
              Continuing to work on consumption of 1 Gallon of water.

Approximately 2 hours later
Meal 3:  Muscle Milk low carbohydrate pre-made protein shake.

Gym:  Workout was approximately 1 hour of high intensity training focused on lower body quadriceps,            
          hamstrings, and calves.  I try to keep rest to an absolute minimum between sets as I dont have time to      
          do cardio as well as weights so I try to keep my heart rate up throughout the entire weight session.

Meal 4:  5 Ounces of lean beef cooked with peppers and onions.
              One cup of tea with skim milk.
              One Full Guava.

Meal 5:  Large green salad with red wine vinegar.
             One can of tuna on top of salad with handful of crushed almonds
             Bowl of lentil soup

Before bed: Handful of Almonds and a couple chestnuts.

I drank just short of a gallon of water.  I kept my consumption of carbohydrates very low.  I also consumed the majority of my calories in the form of raw or minimally processed foods.  I felt like my energy was pretty good all day and didnt feel any negative effects from the low carbohydrates.

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