Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just How Low Carb Should a Low Carb Diet Be??

So I have received a couple of questions lately regarding the amount of carbs that can be consumed and will still constitute a low carb diet.  I started doing some research on this question and suffice to say the opinions are varied.  Lets start with the obvious 0 net carbs is probably not only impossible but sounds like it could be dangerous.  Now that we have ruled 0 out; is the magic number 20, 50, or even 100.
I have personally tried daily variations ranging from 20-100 grams and I have found that even with the small amount of net carbs in my favorite vegetables 40-50 grams has allowed me to eat what I consider to be a healthy balanced diet and also maintain my weight loss and maintenance goals.
I have read a number of different diet programs and articles that are also quite varied in their recommendations.
While the Atkins diet may recommend a daily intake of as little as 20 grams a day, the zone diet may suggest that 30% of your daily consumption be in the form of complex carbohydrates.  I also came across a number of articles stating that on account of every ones unique hormonal and chemical makeup there is no real number that be applied across the general public.   I wanted to supply  a number of links so that you can better educate yourself as I believe there is a lot of merit in the notion that every ones body reacts differently. Wiki Article
I also think that we have to remain focused on not only the weight loss and management goals but also the primary purpose of any diet regiment which is to attain and maintain overall health.  With that being said the consumption of adequate nutrients and phytonutrients are of paramount importance.  Adequate Nutrients on Low Carb Diet.  
I think that the key is to get started and monitor closely not only your weight loss but also your overall well being.  After a short time you will be able to tailor your carb consumption to your specific body requirements.  I hope this helps to answer the question and thanks again to everyone for following The Cheat Day Diet.  Happy dieting everyone.


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