Friday, May 18, 2012

Grabbing Starbucks at LAX and jumping on a plane

Just about to jump on a plane to Las Vegas. We missed our first flight thanks to LA rush hour traffic. So that little turn of events gave me 5 wonderful hours to sit around LAX and sample some different foods. I went to Ruby's Dinette obviously a spawning of Rubys Diner, I had an avocado and Swiss burger sans the bun I have to say it was really really good with an ample serving of avocado. Just about two hours later and 45 minutes until my flight I grabbed a Kobe beef sausage from Jody Marony's. I thought it was amazing....I mean maybe my standard for airport food aren't that high but even my girlfriend who has been known to be picky on occasion thought it was great (she had the bun though). Finally I grabbed my decaf latte from Starbucks and here I am sitting here waiting to board. Well I'm sure I will have lots of yummyness to report from sin city. Happy dieting everyone!!!

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