Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funday on The Cheat Day Diet

So I'm just finishing up the day and damn was this one heck of a cheat day.  The day started with a Jamba Juice and a bagel and cream cheese.  Next treat was a glazed donut and a coffee.  I had a baptism today for my nephew, it was a great experience for me, Godfather part II.
We celebrated my nephews birthday and baptism at the Lazy Dog Cafe in Irvine.  The food is really good, service was excellent and everybody in our party thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
I came back up to LA and ran to Santa Monica to check on the new Stout Burgers location.  On the way home my lady and I stopped at Rose Sweet Creamery in Brentwood, if you have never been here and your a fan of ice cream, do yourself a favor and run don't walk over there as soon as possible.  I had the salted caramel and it was absolutely amazing.
So as a final splurge on my Cheat Day I ordered a large pizza and ate half of it, and even squeezed in a couple bites of carrot cake.  I'm officially stuffed and ready for bed unfortunately I still have to subject myself to about two hours of the agony that is contract drafting.
On another note check out the video on The Dr. OZ Show.  Its a great little piece all about the merits of The Cheat Day Diet.
Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and happy dieting.

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