Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Bar..Starbucks....Stout Burgers....and now Daichan

I have not posted in a while because I have been so busy but my diet has been more on point than ever.  My daily is: Stout Burger chicken and quinoa patty with avocado and arugula, house udon soup from Daichan no noodles extra vegetables and chicken, my decaf coffee from Starbucks and my spinach kale ginger lemon from Earth Bar.  My daily snacks are pretty much almonds, Muscle Milk and Power Crunch bars.  I have really stepped it up in the gym both the frequency and the intensity of my workouts and its really starting to show.
I picked up a couple of low-carb books on Itunes, one of them was free its called My Low Carb Story Diet Book Cookbook and Shopping List.  Its a really easy and quick read and the price was right ;)
Its got a lot of good information including carb analysis on popular foods and comparisons of low-carb choices, check it out.
At some point in the near future Im going to get some pictures online.  This diet has really started quite a transformation and my energy levels have really been at an all time high.  Ill check back in tomorrow have a wonderful night and happy dieting

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